We are days away from summer here in London – the sun is bursting through the sky every morning and I’m starting to loathe my lazy self for over indulging this winter. You soon realise you’ve over stuffed yourself when none of your summer wardrobe fits.

In my defense, and I’m sure I won’t be the only one, I find it bloody difficult not to scoff down hot winter food; pies and gravy, roast potatoes with your meat of choice, hearty stews and of course a bucket load of red wine to savour it with. It’s near impossible! It’s what makes winter in London enjoyable in my opinion – along with the Christmas markets on the Southbank and all the LIGHTS.

So after months of enjoying myself way too much, I now have to struggle through carb and wine free meals of chicken, eggs and salad to stay under 1200 calories. It’s a challenge right now, on day one. But I know that if I don’t – my European beach excursions are going to be ruined by the fact I won’t want to get my baby-whale bod out for all the hot, tanned, toned, Europeans to see.


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