I am a royalist.

Through and through. I love them. Well, the Will, Kate and George them (plus Harry of course). The rest can sod off. At work I get mocked by my colleagues when I inform them of the latest leg of the royal tour in NZ and Australia.

“They are at the Blue Mountains today!” I declare.
“They’re just holidaying and costing us money!”.
“No!” I argue. “They’re working hard to keep international relationships.”
It just happens to be in two of the most beautiful countries in the world. Not that I’m biased at all. I could do their job. I would LOVE their job.

If there were a chance to meet them. I’d be there. I believe them to be a lovely and genuine couple. I’ve been out to see them, when Kate was pregnant and I managed to snap a close up photo of her as she sped past in her carriage. They are my celebrity guilty pleasure.

When will they get their own reality TV show?

I am a royalist.

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