Slim Fast challenge

WImageith summer approaching it was clear I needed to jump start my weight loss as my beach bod was not getting any closer. So I decided I’d sign up to two weeks of Slim Fast to get things rolling. It’s simple, means my breakfasts and lunches are sorted and I get to come home and eat a proper dinner – my favourite meal of the day.

I need structure when it comes to weight loss and lately I’ve found like I’m floundering with no set rules. I know you’re not supposed to “diet”, but for me I need to do it one hundred percent and be in the zone.

After I’ve lost a few kilos I’m away, and I can get stuck into it properly. But for right now it’s serious time with the Slim Fast challenge. I would love any feedback on the shake diet though – I know a lot of people think it’s bad and you shouldn’t do it. But I’ve also heard people have real success on it. I’m not on if for life – I know that’s not possible. I’m on it to get things going. Do you have any feedback, success, fail stories?

Seriously though, I’ve just booked a week long trip to Crete in Greece and I will not be laying on the beach looking whale-like.

Slim Fast challenge

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