Dinner of champions. Or fatties.

I was going very well until dinner; a bottle of wine, mashed potato and a Kit Kat Chunky. I blame work. And our epic month of billing. We had to celebrate. But I should have gone home and had the chicken and salad I’d originally planned on.

Wine, White, Dry, Sauvignon Blanc 250ml, 750 ml 534
Lurpack – Lighter Spreadable Butter, 10 g 54
White Potatoes – Potatoes, 70 g 57
Kit Kat – Chunky (Chocolate), 1 bar 247
Total calories

I’m back on it again today. Although the man and I, and a couple of friends are heading to the Kopparberg Urban Forest tonight for some cider and live music in the sunshine.

Dinner of champions. Or fatties.

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