Dinner for one.

mag-05eat-t_CA0-master675I love my creature comforts, especially if I am alone and no-one can see me. The refuge of cozy pajamas and an oven pizza on the couch after a long day is my idea of heaven, but this lifestyle is not where I want to be. Sure, occasionally I do want the slob moment and high fat food, but not four nights a week.

So when I came across this article on my Bookface feed, it made me realise, I need to treat myself as if I am on a date, with myself. Why not go all out with lovely china, folded napkins, a fresh salad in a side-salad-bowl, fancy cheese, olives,  and generally food with flavour!?

I’ve recently got back on a healthy food regime and am currently enjoying my lunch time concoction of couscous, chickpeas, turkey, grapes, red onion, cucumber and lemon juice. It’s so fresh and I enjoy every mouthful.

I am committing to myself to now make an effort at meal times, when alone and feeling like it’s all not worth the effort. Especially now that I am a single lady again, and entering back on to the dating scene.

Dinner for one.

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