Awful Friday news


My show. My absolute, favourite show and guilty pleasure has been cancelled. Offspring finished up season five on a pretty final note, and soon after the rumours started that that was the end. I chose to ignore and hold out hope. I’ve never been so upset over the cancellation of a show (except the end of FRIENDS). I loved everything about this program, the characters, the actors, the storylines – together an amazing package.

Australia has some serious talent.

Awful Friday news

2 thoughts on “Awful Friday news

  1. Oh, Offspring. I have SO MUCH LOVE for that show! I’m really devastated that it’s over but I am also glad they wrapped up the story lines so well at least. I will always look back on it as one of my all time favourites! The characters!!! The acting!!! The writing!!! Ugh. I could go on…
    Each time I watched an episode I almost lost the plot with happiness haha.

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