Book recommendations, please

I have just finished Dark Places by Gillian Flynn – in my opinion it was far better than Gone Girl. I’m sorry if that is controversial. But it was gripping, gritty and dark, and the suspense! I could not put it down. If you haven’t already, you must read it.

Now I am on that ever frustrating hunt to find my next book, one where I find I will read a chapter or two from a new book and get bored, wishing I was still on the last amazing book, before I get into it. So I thought I’d ask the internet.

What have you read that you couldn’t put down?

No autobiographies, please. I read about the rich and famous on DailyMail.

Book recommendations, please

3 thoughts on “Book recommendations, please

  1. Oooh I read Dark Places too! Bit toooo dark for me but gripping nonetheless. Have you read The Twins or Before I Go To Sleep? Both brilliant and keep you guessing!

    1. I have read Before I Go To Sleep – haven’t seen the film yet! It didn’t grab me as well as Ms Flynn does with her books, but I did enjoy it. The Twins looks really good, thank you!!

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