Absolute candidate crush

I meet hot candidates, weekly. We all know sex sells, even in finance. So I tend to pre-screen my candidates to see how much of an easy sell they will be.

Tonight’s candidate had all his social network profiles well hidden or photo-free. So I thought nothing of it and booked him in for a meeting anyway.

When I walked into the meeting room I thought, you’re cute, I like your beard. But then he CHARMED me with his bloody Australian charm and his sexy ginger (I blame Ed Sheeran for my recent ginger fascination) beard. I have heard people in London remark on the Kiwi and Aussie charm. Being a Kiwi myself I never really thought much of it and always found the British accent much sexier.

But this one. His Aussie accent was understated, with the odd hint of a strong ‘a’. He grinned at me when I talked through his CV. He charmed me telling me stories of his time working as a trader in Sydney. He winked at me when I said my company has an office in Sydney and that it is my back up plan for if I ever get sick of London.

After running way over time, to wrap up our meeting I mentioned we would be having Christmas drinks for our temporary candidates next month and that he must come. Out loud I made a mental note “oh, I must send those invites tomorrow”.
“Don’t worry” he said, “I’ll remind you”.

He’s on a two year visa.

I’m going to get fired.

Absolute candidate crush

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