2015 Love & Life Horoscope

I don’t put a whole lot of belief in horoscopes, but I’m always keen for a positive dream. Here’s the 2015 Cosmopolitan horoscope for Gemini’s:

Sexycast: You are headed toward the relationship you’ve always dreamed about but were afraid you’d never find. This year, you’ll get there by realizing what you need—true passion with someone who inspires you. Don’t settle for less. Once you find him, nurture the romance by doing all the small, personal things you can to show your love you care—in a style all your own. Love could also blossom through friends this year, so let your social side shine. Don’t be afraid to explore an unconventional relationship that may open up new doors for you.

June and August are especially hot months for romance, so say yes to an unexpected trip. Being open to adventure could set the stage for fireworks.

Lifecast: You have the chance to put your stamp on something exciting this year! Expressing your distinct point of view is important, as is doing your research and talking to people in your field to widen your network and perspectives. You’re a skilled communicator, so if you develop your writing and speaking skills and style, it may lead to being published or being on TV.

Lay the groundwork during the first half of the year, so when your moment to shine arises, you can make the most of it and strut your stuff.

Red-hot romance days: February 26, June 2, December 30.

Days you will be a star at work: March 13, May 11, August 11.

Stylecast:  Colorful and whimsical designs make you happy, so brighten your world with poppy pieces that show off your quirky coolness.

I dare you to read your own.

2015 Love & Life Horoscope

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