Day nine

In the Big Brother house. It feels like things have slowed down on my Whole30 progress. Perhaps this is the day ten slump I’m heading to when many people give up? I don’t remember how I felt back in January 2013 when I did it first time around. I just know that I’ve had a dull headache the last two days, but in reality that could be due to being at work (computer screens and air-con) after six weeks off or the fact it’s turned freezing here in London in recent days.

I don’t have the dramatic “light” feeling I did in the first few days, nor does my tummy feel like it’s flattened, or my body feel like it’s shrinking. I know, shit doesn’t happen overnight. But I’m forgoing wine here, body, at least do your part and make us look good!

Feeling: headachy, but content.
Craving: garlic bread.
Looking forward to: my sizzling bacon & roasted brussel sprouts for dinner.

Day nine

2 thoughts on “Day nine

  1. daynabkr says:

    Check out the whole30 time line – I’m always a couple days slower than it says so today I feel blah and bloated! You’ll start feeling the good effects soon!

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