The last three hours…

I walked in the door tonight after my first week in my new role at a top tier global investment bank, turned on all the lights as it was pitch black and felt relieved when the sense of warmth from the automatic heating waved over me. I tied my hair atop my head and ditched my office attire for some trackies and a baggy top. Next I popped some kale in the oven to slowly dry out for a Friday night ‘treat’. Then I scraped off my society face paint and gave my face a tingly scrub in the flavour of apricot, by St Ives. Followed up by a good dosing of jojoba oil lathered all over my clean skin, and my pair of plush slippers to keep my feet warm.
I plopped myself on the couch, and I have not moved. Except to save my kale chips from becoming crumbs in the oven.

The last three hours…

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