I have a confession…

I failed my Whole30. On day 18. yeah-you-failed-jennifer-lawrence-gifI considered jumping straight back into it. But with Whole30 I know you have to do the full 30 days in a row with zero cheating. I was absolutely gutted and annoyed at myself too. I was feeling fantastic in the first 10 days, but day 18 involved a lunch with my brand new team in my job. Also, starting mid-month was tough. I know, I’m making excuses. But it’s hard to sound like a bell-end requesting my meal be picked apart and ingredients omitted with people who barely know me and have to work with me daily. From there it snowballed…

I know the benefits of Whole30, I’ve done it before. So March 1st, it’s on. Now my team know me, and they will not be afraid of my JLaw attitude.


I have a confession…

4 thoughts on “I have a confession…

  1. I had some tea on day 17 of my last effort. With a sip down my gullet, I realized it was awfully sweet. They’d slipped “natural flavoring” into tea, ugh!

    Instead of jumping right back in, I gave myself a few days. I think it was the right call to avoid feeling trapped.

    Good luck with your March one!

    1. Oh no! I completely understand though – it can be easy to slip up if you’re not 110% focussed.

      I agree on giving yourself a buffer of a few days. I’m hoping the fact I’ll be starting March 1st and I’ve now talked to people about it, including my new colleagues, it should make the whole thing smoother sailing.

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