whatever you do, don’t take a Log*

The naked selfie aka the ‘dick pic’ – are you a fan? I’m not going to be shy, I am. Of course there’s a byline to this, I am when it’s appropriate. I’d never want to receive one without having met the man it’s from, and I’d want to be romantically linked to them – not just my guy mates sending them willy nilly. Pun intended.

I had this conversation with the new man last week and he admitted he’s never sent one. I told him I didn’t believe it. We left it there and the topic was dropped.

Then on Thursday when we caught up for some afternoon delight** and dinner before he jetted to Spain for his mate’s stag do the topic came up again. I told him we must rectify this situation. He told me, “you send me one first…”

So I did.

Last night when he text me from Spain saying he was missing me. I sent him a tasteful one, no nipples on show, and he was thrilled. He was in the middle of Festival SOS48 and I’d apparently completely distracted him. Nailed it.

He didn’t send one back, being of course he was mid-festival. But I feel like he’s come around to the idea.

Perhaps I should drop this super handy How to site into his inbox in a few days…

*Find the meaning here.

**We don’t only have afternoon dates spent in bed every time, we do go on proper dates like meals out, a beanbag cinema, gin tasting and listening to a woman sing poems in French to classical music for an hour and a half without laughing at the English translations.

whatever you do, don’t take a Log*

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