Paleo prep

The only way to stick to a healthy lifestyle is to prepare. So today I made egg, bacon and veggie muffins for breakfast this week as well as roasted some vegetables to add to a salad for lunches.

Now I’m relaxing, watching a film and sipping water from my fruit infused (lemon and orange) bottle and feeling very smug.

I picked up a paleo cookbook this weekend to inspire me further and give me more ideas for paleo recipes. I’m extremely excited to try the lemon pound cake recipe. Reading through the book the author, Daniel Green, says you should start off with 10 days in a row without cheating or breaking the paleo diet, then you’ll be more likely to stick at it long term. I like this, 10 days is achievable and not too daunting.

Monday is day one, food is prepared. Wish me luck!

Paleo prep

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