I feel fantastic.

So it’s been about three weeks now that I’ve been on a paleo-based diet. I’ve not been completely ruthless with myself and will enjoy the odd vodka or whisky or square of dark chocolate. But my overall wellbeing has improved tenfold.

I have more energy. I’m happier. I don’t feel hungry. I’m not having the highs and lows of sugar cravings. I don’t find mornings a struggle (mostly helped my the lack of alcohol involved), and I feel more positive on my outlook on life.

I’m still drinking four litres of water a day which I’ve been told is doing wonders for my skin as everyone keeps commenting on it.

I even bought some exercise outfits to get out and hit the hills of Greenwich Park again, as well as some new goggles and a swimming cap to plunge in the pool at the bottom of my road.

Today is February 1st, and I’m feeling in a much better place than I was two months ago when the thought of exercise or healthy eating never even crossed my mind.

I feel fantastic.

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