Romance can blossom twice, or thrice…

So back in May, you may recall that I wrote an open passive-aggressive letter to my ex boyfriend. After three weeks travelling together in New Zealand and having an amazing time, and constant time together as we still live in the same house – things have changed.

He told me quite confidently that he knew I would come around and he was just leaving me to get on with things. I have to admit I was a little excited by how cocky and confident he stated he was – always a good trait in a man. He’s changed and matured (and grown facial hair… pwhoooar!) a lot in the last nine months. So much so that I noticed I missed him and wanted to spend real time with him. I think it was the NZ trip where we spent every day together (plus 36 hours on a plane each way not killing each other) that made me wake up and smell the coffee.

He’s the person I go to for everything.  In all honesty he has been that person for a couple of years now. When I was homesick from eating Vegemite on toast and kept bursting into tears he was there to cuddle me. When I need to bounce ideas off someone about my job or my professional development or the fact I’m sick of taking the tube for my morning commute – he’s there. He’s the person I can be completely comfortable, irritable, silly and emotional around, and he doesn’t run away!

Over the past week we’ve shared dinner and whisky together, cuddled on the couch and even moved to PG13 kissing. Things are blossoming again nicely and I’m happy and I’m excited to see him each night. We’re taking it slow, even though we both have the same end goal of moving to the Southern Hemisphere in the next year or two – he’s bursting to go!

We’re planning a trip away at Easter, so as long as we don’t have a wobble I’m sure we’ll be set. Regardless, he’s convinced we’ll be married one day. Such confidence! And what has he put himself forward for…?

Romance can blossom twice, or thrice…

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