Whisky in crystal

After eating a paleo and alcohol-free diet for three weeks – I went out last week and enjoyed three glasses of wine. The next morning I felt like death.  It was like I’d had an absolute bender of a night, and I couldn’t get rid of my sluggish, headache all day.

I was proud of myself that I didn’t go full carb-gorge on some hash browns and sausages for breakfast. Instead I controlled myself and indulged on scrambled eggs and mushrooms.

Since then, I still haven’t been in the mood to drink. I was out on the weekend and only managed two vodka + lime + soda’s before I decided to wrap it up and just drink soda + (fresh) lime.

I think I’ve finally grown up, or my liver has died, but I’m not keen to drink like I used to and much prefer a cup of tea. Even the fact that I can escape the office for a sneaky pint or a glass of wine is not appealing and I’d rather get on with my work and sip my fruit infuser bottle.

The only tipple I actually am enjoying right now is whisky. With a splash of water in my new crystal glasses, it just can’t be beat.


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