IMG_6308So my lovely new, but old, but new (we’ve tried this dating malarkey before) man absolutely spoiled me this weekend. It was Valentine’s day, but that’s not what our weekend was about. We both chose not to go out and glam up, or buy each other extravagant gifts. Instead we went for simplicity.

Sunday morning we stayed in bed past breakfast, choosing bed based recreational sports over food. By midday we decided it would be a good idea to get out for some fresh air so we hit Greenwich Park for a walk in the sunshine and the brisk wind. After an hour we got back to the house for hot coffee, a very late brunch of bacon, eggs, mushrooms and tomatoes before settling on the sofa to catch up on some telly.

In the afternoon we enjoyed the rugby, he surprised me with roses and then spoiled me by preparing a candlelit roast lamb dinner (with all the trimmings – mint infused gravy, hello!).

I feel like a giddy teenager when I think about it all over again. It was utter perfection.


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