Escapism v2.015

readingEvery year I set myself a goal of reading more books through the helpful book fanatic site, Goodreads. I smashed through last year’s target of 12, by reading 14. I know, I can tell you’re impressed. The problem with last year was that I didn’t start seriously reading until my mid-year holiday in Greece. Many hours were spent on a sun lounger, book or kindle in one hand, cocktail in the other,¬†when it got the ball rolling for me in 2014. I love to read, I always have a book on the go – but sometimes unless I am completely engrossed in a book I won’t make the time to actually sit still and read.

I find taking 30 minutes or if I’m lucky, an hour, out of my day to sit and read extremely therapeutic. It’s my version of meditation. You forget the day you’ve had, the things you’ve not yet achieved, the fact your useless housemate still hasn’t ever put the rubbish out (grrrr!) and instead delve deep into someone else’s problems or the excitement of a character’s high. It’s escapism. I won’t lie, it may seem that I have my shit together most days, to be honest I’m sure that’s how a lot of people see me (except my best friend who knows I will burst into tears when my sister hasn’t returned my text – true story, I’m prone to overreacting), but sometimes I absolutely love to escape, I crave it.

This year, the year of 2015 in which I intend to re-brand myself; my soul, my lifestyle¬†and my priorities, I have set myself the huge (it’s huge in my mind!) task of reading 30 books. I’m already 1.7 books in and am determined to switch off the telly and laptop and instead dive into my ‘to-read’ list.

Have you set yourself a guilty pleasure/escapism challenge for 2015?

Escapism v2.015