2016 goal setting

I’ve just returned to London from the most spectacular and amazing family-filled holiday in New Zealand, and I’m feeling terribly homesick. I told anyone and everyone who would listen that I would always like in the UK and that New Zealand would never again be home for me. But this recent holiday back made me realise how wrong I was. Visiting all my favourite haunts, seeing my sisters and parents daily, bumping into friends just about every day and absorbing the lifestyle I used to take for granted made me come to terms with the fact that it really is home.

So, for this year while I’m still based in London, I’ve decided I need to make a plan and a set of goals for 2016 (I haven’t set a date, but am envisaging making a move in the next 12-18 months).


  • Eat a Paleo diet
  • Drink more water
  • Bulk up my savings account
  • Get more exercise
  • Swear less
  • Drink far less alcohol
  • Stress less


2016 goal setting