Apparently large volumes of kale makes your number two’s green.

Back in December I declared to myself that 2015 was going to be the year of change and I was going to get this flabby body to be a hell of a lot less flabby. This has happened. I haven’t quit – but I have changed direction. I was doing the Dukan diet but as of five days ago, I am always one to chop (meat pun intended!)  and change, I switched to doing the Whole30. Why the change? I was finding the heavy meat, light dairy and lack of vegetables was making me feel stodgy, and ultimately quite unhealthy. I know Dukan works long term – I’ve had success in the past – but I knew it was something I was not going to be able to sustain for the next 189 days (my suggested plan), so I had to make a slight change.

I did my first Whole30 back in January 2013 and felt fantastic afterwards, the protein and vegetable combo with the odd bit of fruit and nuts worked for me. It’s now day five and I feel amazing. I feel lighter, more energetic and generally just feel happier. You’re not allowed to weigh yourself on this program, but I know I have lost weight. My tummy is definitely flatter, which could be due to no bloating from carbs/sugar, or the fact I am drinking 1.5-2L of water a day.

kalechipsAfter eight days on Dukan I’m enjoying food a hell of a lot more on Whole30, as it’s not as strict. I tried kale for the first time ever – a new favourite is a snack of kale chips thanks to my twitter followers. I know kale was the food craze of 2014 – but last year I was up to my eyeballs in wine, takeaways and hangover fry ups after long days and nights with my recruitment buddies. It was not a good place.

I know it’s early days and they say day 10 is the turning point, and often the hardest when people give up. I fully intend to stick this out for 25 more days. I figure if I feel fab right now, how much better will I feel and look by the end? Friends (Leah, Tara and Dayna) of mine are on the journey too, reading their blogs, looking at their Instagram photos and recipes are helpful when you feel like an extra pop of inspiration. This afternoon is going to be spent prepping my breakfasts and lunches for the week ahead. My biggest challenge is going to be starting my new job – I’ll be entering financial services which, like recruitment, is known for the social drinking aspect. I will be sticking to the sodas with fresh lime for the next few weeks, hopefully they don’t think I’m a square.

Apparently large volumes of kale makes your number two’s green.