I believe in miracles. Gel miracles.

7b156ae06c165df043bd9a293dec64ddFollowing on from my previous post of, GEL NAILS AT HOME – HOW THE HELL?! I found the answer. Sally Hansen’s Miracle Gel Top Coat. For about a tenner you can get polish that lasts longer than two days, one load of soapy dishes and the opening of a latch.

I got myself ready on Sunday afternoon, popped on season 3 of Gossip Girl (I’m behind!), pulled out my standard black and gold polish and nail file and my new found miracle top coat. I completely cheated, some people say you need to buy gel colours and base coats, oh and a lamp. NOT with this stuff! I did my usual double  colour layers, and simply applied two of the gel coat. It sets so quick. You are good to go as soon as it’s dried.

It’s now Wednesday and I have zero chips. I have noticed my nails have grown quickly though, as I already have a space where the colour meets cuticle. But that’s no biggy and if anything, makes the polish finish look tidier.

I am absolutely sold on this stuff and will never buy another top coat. I may venture into gel colours just because the painting of the gel polish is such a smooth and easy finish that I’m thinking the results could only improve.

While I do love the luxury of a salon visit, I don’t feel the need to fork out £20-30 per nail session, especially after already having to pay to get my hair coloured to cover greys and parts of my body waxed to keep the cobwebs away. One must prioritise and make sacrifices.  DIY nails all the way.


I believe in miracles. Gel miracles.