May! How the hell is it May?!

Life has got busy, but I’m not complaining. Work is now in full swing and I’m currently juggling 140 vacant roles, approximately 70 hiring managers who want the perfect candidate yesterday and about 20 agencies who like to cheat the system, and clearly enjoy a bollocking from me (love those days!). I am absolutely loving the role though and working within Investment Banking and love the challenge of managing the whole process.

I managed to squeeze in a weekend away at Easter to hit up the vibrant and exciting Marrakech. I absolutely loved everything about it – the atmosphere, the landscape, the people (so friendly!) and the bartering for items you don’t really need but just get so sucked in with the excitement of getting a good price that you have to then lug home way too much Moroccan oil, ceramics and mint tea.

About a month ago I also delved back into the online dating/app world and signed up to Happn. I had very little expectations that I would meet someone, especially after my attempt at Tinder (which resulted in a man who had a fascination for girl / horse action – whole other blog post), but I was very pleasantly surprised! It only took one man and he’s completely blown me away. I met him for a drink three weeks ago, and it’s been a whirlwind romance ever since. We’ve had 10 dates in three weeks, and I’m not sick of him – quite the opposite really, I’m always excited to see him again. Our dates have been original, funny, unexpected and amazing all rolled into one. I’ve talked to my best friends about him and they’re all extremely happy for me and keen to meet my “dirty little secret”, as they call him. Right now though it’s so easy, and I’m enjoying having him to myself. Plus I keep reminding myself it’s only been three weeks, there is absolutely no rush. Besides, as soon as they all meet him and want to hang out it will cut into our afternoons of Prosecco and afternoon delight – and I am not keen to give that up any time soon!