In ya cossie’s with ya colleagues

This weekend my fellow recruitment colleagues and myself are off to the classiest spot in Spain: Benidorm.

To be fair, we are staying at a five star resort, which they state is Alicante, but all I think of is flash backs to that awful British TV show.

At first I was all nervous about the whole wearing your swimming costume in front of your work colleagues – but then I decided I did not care. My tan has already faded from summer, I’m basically translucent, and I’ve not managed to lose any of the weight I had planned on ridding myself of months ago.

It’s all caught up with me far too quickly and I am completely unprepared. Instead I plan to go and hangout with my team, drink all the free booze, eat the free food and simply enjoy the free holiday my company are giving me – this never happened in New Zealand!

The unfortunate thing is that we’re only there two nights, so it’s highly unlikely I will get the summer tan I’m craving that was lost many months before. Sadly this body takes DAYS to gain a sun-kissed glow.

But secretly I’m dreaming of winter; the cool weather, the amazing Christmas atmosphere, the mulled cider and wine – I can not wait for it to arrive!


In ya cossie’s with ya colleagues