The Tinder Files

Since my relationship with my flatmate ended in February of this year I took some time to be single (1 month) and then under the pressure (not much, to be honest) of friends and colleagues I joined Tinder. It’s hilarious and addictive. For those who have not used Tinder before; you simply get a photo, a name, an age and how many miles they are from you – much like the gay version, Grinder.

I was sold the theory that Tinder is not like Grinder though, as in it is more about dating, not one night hook ups. This is false. Many times I have had the second or third message being “wanna meet up?”. Most definitely just after a booty call.

I have however been messaging one certain man over the past two days; he’s a Kiwi who actually went to the same high school as me. Albeit I went to the Girls school and he went to the Boys. But STILL, he’s a Shore boy (Kiwi’s will get it) now living in London. Even more spooky? He now works down the road from me, maybe 100m away.

We have a lot in common and the banter is easy flowing along with the conversation. We’re meeting up next week when we both have a free night, so watch this space.

The Tinder Files