Too tired to date this month.

It’s early days on my single status but I already have the buzz to get out and flirt and meet new men. Not necessarily to find a boyfriend or sleep around, but to have fun and blow out my dating cobwebs. But even though my excitement levels are high, and of course Tinder always offers up willing (some way too excited) date options, I just haven’t found the time energy.

I love dating. I honestly do. I used to get nervous, and I will for about an hour before, but a glass (just one!) of wine soon 235383517993951412_cwvzep9s_csoothes the nerves. But the getting glammed up, picking an out fit, wondering what you’re going to think/find out when you meet the mystery man, it’s all brilliant fun. I was talking to a colleague this week about how I used to blog/tweet my dates and that I miss it, he told me to get back out there. “Get back on the horse, Babs!*”

I had planned to get back on the horse this month, but it’s just been non stop that I’ve not had a chance. This week alone has included five nights out in a row with work, friends and Ed Sheeran. Not actually with Ed, sadly, but enjoying his talent as he belted it out on stage. This has meant, tonight, my Saturday night is spent on the sofa in my trackpants, with a glass of wine, blogging and watching The X Factor. You need a level of energy and alertness to survive a first date, yawning or nodding off would not give the best impression.

Watch this space for next month. Next month is action month. Not that kind of action! Well, we’ll see… But I’m going to line up a few dates, and see what happens!

*A nickname/term of endearment given to me by some colleagues, after I regaled them of a tale of an event one night while I was travelling in Bangkok…

Too tired to date this month.