Day one success

Oaa3d6833a135d41c8393005c26773d2fn Sunday I kicked off my 2016 healthy living by doing a proper grocery shop and buying all things good for me.

I stocked up on vegetables, fruit, lean protein and almond milk (I can’t handle black tea, only black coffee).

I’ve completed day one, Monday, and managed to stick to an alcohol and sugar and dairy-free day, while also drinking two litres of water. Twenty more days and I will have broken the habit and be an absolute star.

I’m determined this year to drop the kilos, and cutting out alcohol in the short term will make a huge difference. Of course I’m not saying I will be off alcohol for the year – that would be an unreasonable plan – but the first couple of months will set me in good stead. I even went out for an agency catch up today, and refused a free glass of wine… Progress!

Day one success