Chubby girl problems.


I love Mindy. Her and I would be best friends in real life.


Dinner of champions. Or fatties.

I was going very well until dinner; a bottle of wine, mashed potato and a Kit Kat Chunky. I blame work. And our epic month of billing. We had to celebrate. But I should have gone home and had the chicken and salad I’d originally planned on.

Wine, White, Dry, Sauvignon Blanc 250ml, 750 ml 534
Lurpack – Lighter Spreadable Butter, 10 g 54
White Potatoes – Potatoes, 70 g 57
Kit Kat – Chunky (Chocolate), 1 bar 247
Total calories

I’m back on it again today. Although the man and I, and a couple of friends are heading to the Kopparberg Urban Forest tonight for some cider and live music in the sunshine.

Dinner of champions. Or fatties.

Cookie pieces contain no calories because the process of breakage causes calorie leakage.

This morning I launched myself back on My Fitness Pal with a vengeance. I’ve been slack and lazy for far too long and now all my clothing is tight and even my third glass of wine for the night doesn’t console me.

No more excuses.

Are you calorie counting? Come find me. I need accountability and I need it now. We can help each other.

That means a lot less (if any) of this;

My heart breaks.

And a lot more of this;

Thankfully I could live on this stuff.
Thankfully I could live on this stuff.
Cookie pieces contain no calories because the process of breakage causes calorie leakage.

Slim Fast challenge: day two

Update: while still sticking to the Slim Fast challenge and feeling 150% better for it, two things I’ve noticed so far;

  1. It’s very hard to keep my shake making low key at work; “are you dieting? you don’t need to!” Shut up. I do, you’re just saying that because you have to and you’ve entered into an awkward moment where you can’t say, “oh finally, I didn’t want to say anything…”.
  2. With a 2/3 liquid diet and added water intake I am in the loo every 15 minutes.
Slim Fast challenge: day two

Slim Fast challenge

WImageith summer approaching it was clear I needed to jump start my weight loss as my beach bod was not getting any closer. So I decided I’d sign up to two weeks of Slim Fast to get things rolling. It’s simple, means my breakfasts and lunches are sorted and I get to come home and eat a proper dinner – my favourite meal of the day.

I need structure when it comes to weight loss and lately I’ve found like I’m floundering with no set rules. I know you’re not supposed to “diet”, but for me I need to do it one hundred percent and be in the zone.

After I’ve lost a few kilos I’m away, and I can get stuck into it properly. But for right now it’s serious time with the Slim Fast challenge. I would love any feedback on the shake diet though – I know a lot of people think it’s bad and you shouldn’t do it. But I’ve also heard people have real success on it. I’m not on if for life – I know that’s not possible. I’m on it to get things going. Do you have any feedback, success, fail stories?

Seriously though, I’ve just booked a week long trip to Crete in Greece and I will not be laying on the beach looking whale-like.

Slim Fast challenge


We are days away from summer here in London – the sun is bursting through the sky every morning and I’m starting to loathe my lazy self for over indulging this winter. You soon realise you’ve over stuffed yourself when none of your summer wardrobe fits.

In my defense, and I’m sure I won’t be the only one, I find it bloody difficult not to scoff down hot winter food; pies and gravy, roast potatoes with your meat of choice, hearty stews and of course a bucket load of red wine to savour it with. It’s near impossible! It’s what makes winter in London enjoyable in my opinion – along with the Christmas markets on the Southbank and all the LIGHTS.

So after months of enjoying myself way too much, I now have to struggle through carb and wine free meals of chicken, eggs and salad to stay under 1200 calories. It’s a challenge right now, on day one. But I know that if I don’t – my European beach excursions are going to be ruined by the fact I won’t want to get my baby-whale bod out for all the hot, tanned, toned, Europeans to see.